Map / St. Petersburg to Moscow

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City by City, under postings (right) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Map / New York to Helsinki

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9 map JFK-HEL DSC02805 usemeMap // JFK, New York to HEL, Helsinki, Finland (credit, Finair)

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The cheapest way to Moscow

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m01-1There are expensive ways to get to Russia from the United states — and then there is FinnAir.

If you’re into paying thousands, you’ll want to steer clear of FinnAir which will cheerfully haul you, even during the summer high season, to Moscow and back for well under a thousand bucks roundtrip. Yes: Roundtrip. This is a great deal and we’ve made plenty of bad ones find ones, most particularly flying to China on United Airlines where the help was not merely verbally abusive, but they physically shoved several passengers out of their way. How much worse could it be than being handed a paper cup filled with dried noodles followed by a flight attendant with hot water to pour in your cup? (the ever grim United Airlines again).

So off we went In August 2009 we headed for Helsinki on FinnAir for a few days, then took a train for a few hours to St. Peterburg, Russia. For most of the rest of the month we meandered by river boats east, then north and eventually south on the Baltic/Volga Waterway and the Moscow Canals to Moscow. Planes, trains and ship with a bus and car ride thrown in along the way. And borsch — but no noodles.