04 Kizhi

text to come …

00 map KIZHI ISLAND AREA DSC04413 useme

02 kizhi BIRD CHURCH STEEPLE DSC09632 useme

02a kizhi logo DSC04729 useme1.5

03 kizhi INTRO PIX DSC04442 useme
04 kizhi weaver kizhi island DSC04468 useme

05 kizhi windmill replica 1928 kizhi island DSC04585 useme
06 kizhi door kizhi island DSC04632 useme
07 kizhi WINDOW DSC04486 useme
08 kizhi souviner shop kizhi DSC04660 useme
09 kizhi rocks for sale kizhi DSC04711 useme
10 kizhi BOATS DSC04456 useme
11 kizhi CHURCH DSC04445 useme


One Response to “04 Kizhi”

  1. Hey! Amazing pictures! Can’t wait to hear more about this trip!

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